"She is still thriving…..It is awesome to witness…."


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Date: 10/08/2012

Subject: RE: 4 Day Treatment

Hi Marni: 

She is still thriving and continuing to recover in so many different ways. It is awesome to witness her getting her life back. 

Thanks for the reply. 


On 09/24/12 2:06 PM, Marni Diamond wrote: 
Hi Susie, 
Thank you so much for the email! I hope your daughter is continuing to thrive!!!!! 
All my best! 

On 06/05/12 3:40 PM, Susanne Buelna wrote: 
Hi Marni: 

My daughter will be attending Viviane’s 4 Day this week. She is 16 and has had fibro quite severly for a few years now. While still a bit skepitcal I can’t tell you how hopeful I am for her and on the flip side how disappointed we will be if it does not work. I did find your testimony a few weeks ago and it was something that did help me to decide to move forward. Your “call out” is working. Just thought you would like to know this. 

Best wishes! 


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Alicia Albek Just Did the 4-Day Breakthrough to Wellness™

Hi Viviane !!! so glad you had your weekend retreat!! I want to hear all about it when you have rested. You have done so much for me. I’ve released decades of sadness, fears, anxieties, anger and frustrations. I’m a new person now, even 
better than before, and I was pretty awesome before too, hahahaha! What you do is priceless and I’m achieving so much more now, released from fears and doubts. I just push forward to whatever comes to mind!! My back pain is gone, after our last conversation I just decided that is gone and it truly is !!! My voice has come back and getting better, so much to look forward to in my future. I tell everyone about you and I wish you many successes to come!! LOVE YOU LOTS! Alicia

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Dear Dr. Rubenstein (who I haven’t needed to see in over a year!!)

  • Hi Dr. Rubenstein!
    I wanted to let you know that I am still 100% better more than one year after seeing Viviane Oberhand the end of last January- the middle of March - one appointment a week for two hours. 

    My results have been so spectacular that ever since then I have been reaching out to others. 

    My rabbi at KI (Steven Carr Reuben) has met with Viviane privately and is now referring congregants to her. One is a dentist, who, after seeing dramatic changes (like mine) in his wife - who suffered for most of her life from emotional and chronic physical pain, and then eventually fibromyalgia - decided to work with Viviane himself to clear up old emotional baggage. He is now referring his patients to Viviane. One such patient had inexplicable, terrible pain in her mouth/gums for 20 years, and for 20 years he has been sending her to all sorts of healers and specialists, but nothing worked, until Viviane.

    I have personally seen at least twenty people also become better like I did in a very short period of time with no meds and no touching or side effects. 

    I would very much like you to be able to talk to Viviane because I am sure that once you speak to her you will understand what she does and why it works for illnesses that have a root cause in emotional/physical trauma, or prolonged periods of stress like PTSD, for example.

    Is there a form I can sign that will allow you to discuss my case with her?

    Guess what? No more crying in pain for me!! I can knit, walk, run, read, drive, stand, anything….I am limitless in what I am able to do. I have no pain or symptoms at all.

    Please let me know when we can talk and how I can sign a form so you are free to talk to Viviane.

    Much love to you! You always gave me so much support in my darkest hours and I always knew how much you cared about me, and that made a huge difference. Many doctors run from people with Fibro as I am sure you know. You are very special to me.

    (310) 741-7743 c
    (310) 454-7744 h



Fibromyalgia: What is the Message of This Pain?

  One of the best ways to envision fibromyalgia is as a generalized anxiety disorder of the muscles, initially triggered by a stressful event and then perpetuated by the pain of the muscles themselves.  Fibromyalgia is a defense –a stress response- from hell. 

  Before fibromyalgia starts, people likely experience a protracted period of stress–emotional or physical–which, due to their body’s constant fight-or-flight response, has tightened their muscles painfully.

  People suffer widespread muscle pain, exhaustion, and un-refreshing sleep.

  Although the specific triggering events may have receded, the stress from current fibromyalgia (unrelenting pain, exhaustion, little help from doctors) keeps everything going.

  If you have fibro, philosophically understanding what’s occurring in your body is essential to CONQUERING it.  

  Seeing so many people get 90%+ relief in just 4 days and then seeing it happen over and over time and time again is MAJESTIC and AWESOME. The only down side is that not everyone believes me, which is terrible for news for them. After all I am living proof and there are many many others who are having the same experience all because they found out about Viviane Oberhand. She is the creme de la creme, there is no one better, no one more thorough, no one with the Magnitude of her expertise in the field, no one with these kind of consistent results. I will never stop telling people about her because the world deserves to know about this healer who I was told about and healed me from a disease that many doctors either think is incurable or nonexistent. 





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Finally Some Agreement In Medical Community About Cause and Treatment of FIBROMYALGIA and CFS

     I got my life back last March after a lifetime of living in chronic pain from fibromyalgia and CFS.  I am new again.  I think if it wasn’t for the fact that I am reaching out to people so they can find the same relief I did, I would have almost forgotten that I had ever been so incredibly ill.  That’s how terrific I feel!!!

    When I was diagnosed in 2008 there was virtually no agreement in the medical community about what causes fibromyaliga/CFS or what it even is.  Some “authorities” (and their are plenty out there) easily take advantage of people who are in so much pain with claims of a “fix” - with special diets, supplements, herbs, accupuncture…. I tried a zillion things always to be disappointed.

     Some say it is a disease of the connective tissues, others say it is an auto immune disease.  What they do agree upon is they do not know the cause.  They agree that each case is “different”, and that “no two cases are the same”.

     A book I happened to skim through about reversing fibromyalgia (I already suspected, after doing a bit of online research, that that’s what I had) stated that some believe that it is emotional trauma, prolonged periods of extreme stress, PTSD - negative emotions - that cause fibromyalgia.  I saw the proverbial lightbulb and had a very big “ah ha” moment.  I felt this truth rising from the depths of my very soul.  This made total sense.

     For me the pain began when I was 12 circa 1978 near the time my best friend’s mom - who I was very close to - was killed in a plane crash.  Severe pain developed in both knees.  That was the end of ME; I could no longer be my true self because the pain took away the things I loved to do most of all.  I could not play football with my family.  I could not continue to take ballet which I had been taking for nine years with no pain whatsoever, or generally move much without pain.  I remember I cried myself to sleep many nights. 

     As I got older there was more tragedy and more pain.  I did not make the connection until 2008, thirty years later, and after thirty years of living with pain.  I told my rheumatologist that I was sure that the fibromyalgia was caused by emotional pain I that had endured and held onto for three decades.  She ignored this brilliant insight of mine and asked if I wanted lidocaine injections in my shoulders again this month.

     Knowing I had one of the best doctors I could hope for, for two years I just thought “so this is how the rest of my life is going to be” and sometimes I cried, and cried. Sadness, fear, stress, anger about the illness, equalled more pain and the despair was growing.  It was a viscious and ugly cycle.  I could not drive some days. My daughers did not have the mother they deserved, nor did my husband have the wife he deserved.  How could I go on for the next 40 years like this, let alone one more?

     The great news is that I don’t have to!  I am totally better and now the doctors I used to see monthly readily admit to me that they do not have clue about fibromyalgia, each case is totally different, and all they can do is try to manage people’s pain with drugs.

     An MD from Chicago demystifies fibromyalgia when he states it is “a condiditon that baffles physicians and haunts over 200 patients worldwide, most of whom are women whose stress-buffering systems are running on empty.”  He believes it is caused by prolonged periods of stress, and he wants every doctor and patient in the world to be aware that when they are diagnosed with fibromyalgia they should know that its roots are emotional.

     I am 100% better because I found the Rolls Royce of experts in Los Angeles who treated the fibromyalgia by addressing the ROOT CAUSE which were negative emotions, sometimes hard for people to identify. People often do not realize how much anger or fear they have and that it is effecting their health.

    The proof that the doctor in Chicago and the expert I discovered in LA through a Palisadian who knew of her and the magnitude of her ability and excellence, is that I AM DONE.  I AM BETTER.  I want that for everyone.


     I got my life back last March, after a lifetime of living in pain.  I feel so much gratitude every day because I am new again.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I am reaching out to people so they can find this relief too, I would have almost forgotten that I ever had fibromyalgia or IBS, or neuropathy.  Being instrumental in helping others heal helps me to remember that I was blessed with a miracle and keeps me gratefully aware that there are so many people who deserve to heal like I did. 

I am so grateful to my daughter for showing me how to set up a tumblr blog; she wanted to help other kids’ moms get well too.  It is very hard to watch your mom suffer.

I highly recommend Viviane Oberhand to anyone who has chronic pain or illness and believes it could be related to trauma or stress. Think about this for a week, carefully, before you answer this question.  Maybe your answer will surprise you.

AMAZING!! WATCH THIS IS VIDEO from the last 4-DAY BREAKTHROUGH to WELLNESS™  (There is a pause at 58 seconds, keep watching!!)

A MUST WATCH youtube video Laurie made for the world.

Another segment of what Laurie put on Youtube for YOU.

My magnificent daughter speaks candidly about my full recovery from Fibromyalgia/CFS.

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